With that, I present to you this feature presentation.Ninjutsu in the Bedroom Ninjutsus are truly a wonderful thing.From the lowest replacement jutsu to the jutsus that can make reality like one's plaything, they are quite amazing. And those with the strongest jutsus are immortalized in history.

Nipno se x-55

Nipno se x video

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A story in which the kunoichis learn that, one, their boyfriends all use ninjutsus in their lovemaking and, two, that of all the girls, shy, innocent Hyuuga Hinata has the best sex life of them all. I've been away for a month on a work retreat, the object of which is to "free us from the tyranny of technology" and get us to slow down and appreciate life and all that hippie nonsense. Not only that, there are descriptions of kinky sex in here. Third, there will be no judgment about the sex portrayed here or trying to view sex through a religious, societal, ethical or any kind of lens.

A frank, nonjudgmental look at the sex lives of Naruto and Hinata and the sex lives of other Naruto characters. So if this isn't something you are comfortable reading, then I suggest you click the back button. I believe that it is between the couple what kind of sex they want to have, what kind of kinks they would like to try.

From hours, days, weeks, months, years, or decades, perfecting that jutsu takes time.

However, the sweat, tears and blood shed pay off dividends when you are finally able to use that be-all end-all jutsu.

That's not to say that jutsus aren't used outside of combat and training.

So, first order of business, this is a work of erotica, which means that there will be sex and mentions of sex. I'm not above the porn fic but come on, no woman talks like that during sex (at least not my girlfriend or any woman I've dated).

(There is another reason I went on the retreat but I'll explain that to my Fairy Tail followers.) In any case, this idea came to me on that retreat. I get a kick out reading lines from women who are suppose to be shy or introverted talking like a porn star, especially because they are written mostly by women.