This is the main central data collection for estates and facilities services from the NHS containing information dating back to 1999/2000.Trusts enter data into the system which provides real time performance indicator information varying form on screen indicators to charts allowing organisations to benchmark their performance.Published Data: The Estates and Facilities Information Collection (ERIC) data is published via the Hospital Estates and Facilities Statistics website (external). This programme was established in 2013 and replaced the former Patient Environment Assessment Team (PEAT) programme which had run since 2000.

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On the 31st May 2015, the Government announced plans to release enough public land to build as many as 150,000 new homes by 2020.

This will contribute to the previously announced target of earning £5 billion of income from public sector land sales in the period 2015-20.

As a major public sector owner of land, the NHS is expected to contribute to these initiatives.

To gauge the level of contribution the NHS can make, a data collection on an annual basis is undertaken of NHS land that is surplus or potentially surplus.

This will include land and buildings sold and also land retained but developed and used for housing.

In order to establish the degree to which organisations are prepared for emergencies, a number of initiatives are undertaken across Government Departments periodically.This data collection contributes to the Capabilities Programme through identifying current levels of resilience to the disruption of key estates and facilities services associated with NHS provider organisations.The assessment teams are expected to be comprised of at least 50% 'patient assessors' - i.e.people not employed by the organisation being assessed.The results are published annually and also are shared with the Care Quality Commission who use a selection of the data in their Intelligent Monitoring process.See more information about PLACE and archived PEAT data.