I’ll explain the energy component in more detail in a moment, but first let’s address…Failure experiences with the Law of Attraction I often hear people complain that they’ve dutifully and correctly applied the Law of Attraction, but their intentions just aren’t manifesting.

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which covers some common problems people experience when trying (unsuccessfully) to apply the Law of Attraction.

Now I want to address the most common mistake of all.

Content alone is not enough Here’s the #1 mistake people make: They mistake content for complete intentions.

The problem is that content alone isn’t enough because energy is an essential component of every intention. Those would be pretty stupid solutions, wouldn’t they?

The content is the information part of your desire.

It’s whatever you decide you want, such as a new career, a better relationship, or an extra ,000. The second component of an intention is the you bring to the intention.

Some people describe this as a feeling, like passion or gratitude, but the feeling is actually the result of the energy, not the energy itself.

However, you know there is energy in your intention when you connect strong feelings to it.

Great content + no energy = an intention that won’t manifest anything but frustration. But that’s exactly what many people do when trying to “fix” their intentions that don’t seem to be working. The of an intention isn’t the same thing as electricity, but it’s a good metaphor for understanding the concept.

Consider all the content that’s available to you on the Internet these days. Without electricity that content is dead in the water. If you’re nitpicking the verbiage of your intentions, you’re like a writer nitpicking the wording of a private journal entry that no one else is going to read. Don’t get hung up on the exact term — it’s the concept that’s important.

Does that content just whiz around the world by itself? Suppose I write a new article for this web site, and before I can post it, my electricity goes out. Many people refer to energy as the emotional juice you bring to an intention.