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The loans they get from these unscrupulous lenders aren’t designed around their situations and have high repayments.

Old Mutual Finance is committed to providing personal loans and debt consolidation products that give you financial freedom and can help you manage your debt responsibly.

Old Mutual Finance is a licensed financial services and registered credit provider.

Old Mutual Finance offers each customer a My Money Plan, allowing you to take one or a combination of personal loans with the flexibility to consolidate your current debt and suit your financial needs.

A monthly CAS will only include those portfolios in which financial transactions have taken place during the given month, provided they have valid PAN numbers available for all the unit holders.

For example, if you have three portfolios and transact in only two of them in a month, the CAS for the month will include only the two active portfolios and not the third one.

The CAS will include all types of financial transactions like purchases including NFOs, redemption including maturity, switches, systematic transactions like SIP, SWP, STP etc., dividend payouts or reinvestments, merger, bonus transactions etc.

The Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is being issued consequent to an amendment in the SEBI Regulations.

A consolidated account statement will be sent either on or before the tenth day of the succeeding month, detailing all the transactions and holdings at the end of the month, including transaction charges paid to the distributor, across all schemes of all mutual funds and to everyone whose portfolio transactions have taken place during that month.

As per amendments to SEBI regulations, the asset management company shall identify common investors across fund houses by their permanent account number (PAN) for the purposes of sending Consolidated Account Statements.

Consequently, only those portfolios that have any of the following, will be considered and consolidated while issuing a CAS.