She’s a relatively small woman, which made her command of the vehicle — and the style with which she operated it — all the more impressive.Faced with pedaling several hundred pounds (she once estimated a load of groceries, kids, and gear at 550 pounds) she has perfected a technique to deliver maximum power to the pedals.

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The bike attached to the rear of the bakfiets is a key part of the motor.

“I rotate kids into pumping position to keep them fresh,” Emily tells me.

As we ride up a slight incline, Emily barks orders to her rear, “Pump Mary, pump!

Biking with kids is all the rage in Portland these days, but biking with six kids between the ages of 2 and 11?

That’s something I never would have thought possible before I met southeast Portland resident Emily Finch. Watching her pedal her bakfiets cargo bike with four kids in the front, another one in a child seat behind her, and A few days ago, I rolled over to the Finch house in Ladd’s Addition to join Emily and the kids on a trip to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). It turned out Emily invited a few neighborhood kids to come along.

I pulled up to a scene of five kids (and one doll) already strapped into the bakfiets and three others milling about. Before we rolled out, I met the young Finches: Nathan, 11; Mary, 9; Lucy, 7; Ben, 5; Olivia, 4; and Maya, 2.

Emily’s usual set-up is three kids up front, one on the child seat, one pedaling an attached bike (usually Mary), and Nathan riding by himself.

As we set off toward OMSI, I got to observe the Finch-mobile in action.

It was massive and it was alive with sounds and movement.