Although the region has an ancient culture and a rich history, the nation of Malaysia is only about 50 years old. 1,810,000Major Cities: Subang Jaya, 1,553,000Johor Baru, 1,370,700Klang, 1,055,000Ipoh, 711,000Kota Kinabalu, 618,000Shah Alam, 584,340Kota Baru, 577,000Malaysia's government is a constitutional monarchy.

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Senators are elected by state legislatures or appointed by the king; members of the House are directly elected by the people.

General courts, including the Federal Court, Court of Appeals, high courts, session courts, etc., hear all types of cases.

A separate division of sharia courts hears cases pertaining only to Muslims. Ethnic Malays make up a bare majority of the population of Malaysia at 50.4%.

Another 11% are defined as "indigenous" peoples of Malaysia or , literally "sons of the earth."Ethnic Chinese make up 23.7% of Malaysia's population, while 7.1% are ethnically Indian, and 7.8% are from other ethno-linguistic groups.

Malaysia's official language is Bahasa Malaysia, a form of Malay.

English is the former colonial language, and is still in common use, although it is not an official language.The citizens of Malaysia speak about 140 additional languages as mother tongues. Join us now and search online through millions of desi members and foreign personals who are looking for their Jeevan Sathi, life partner, husband, wife, soul mate for wedding from every community including Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Sindhi, Pushto, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Islamic, from every religion including Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Parsi, from all country including Pakistan, India (Bharat), Bangladesh, United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia and from other parts of the world. Why not to use our free shadi services to search rishtay online and get your life partner without spending any money.Search now rishta proposal for your girls, boys, sons, daughters, uncle & aunties.By Kallie Szczepanski For centuries, port cities on the Malay Archipelago served as important stops for spice and silk traders plying the Indian Ocean.