We're following up with Sony and will update when we hear more. While Grand Theft Auto V's gameplay hasn't really changed from last year's release, the perspective has.

Live sex for ps3-70

It's also amazing how the switch from third-person to first-person completely alters how graphic the content is.

From the standard third-person view you have obstructions in the way and a bit of distance from “the action”.

However, in first-person it's a bit hard to escape what's really going on.

Sony has updated its PS3-based virtual world "Home." In the current release, voice chat has been removed from the service.

No reason is given for shutting down the chat lines, but we imagine it has something to do with reports of female avatars getting harrassed in Sony's virtual world.

(Which is what we thought would happen.) MTV gaming reporter Tracey John had her own run-in with PS3 sexual harassment.

Sony's John Koller told SAI earlier this week he was aware of the issues with gender, sex, and the PS3, and vowed to solve the problem "immediately." So the removal of voice chat from "Home" is a first step towards Sony getting some control over its creation.

But something even more troubling looms on the horizon for Sony and Home.

According to an Engadget report, hackers have figured out a way to modify Sony's virtual world and introduce their own files and images into Home.