I've spent all day trawling through peoples experiences on here regarding down plating their vans GVW but have not seen any concrete solutions as to how to go about this process yourself.Two weeks ago,having only recently bought our van, we were on our way to Brighton for jollys..picked up a hitcher and were going to drop him off at South Mimms.

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Many thanks, Scott Thank you very much for your reply Trevor.

I have seen various posts on the subject by Graham G and it all sounds very simple, however, I have also seen several posts regarding people who have tried in vain to do the same but have been denied the opportunity by DVLA due to their having no interest in GVW Down Plating below 3500kg. Obviously I will be looking at this route and speaking with Tf L tomorrow but didn't want to exceed the timeframes they provide and thus find myself paying the even more hefty fine..

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I hadn't planned to go into London and have no need to use the van there again.

If it were the case where it was 100 day charge for dropping a b*llock then I guess I'd just have to wear it and consider it a lesson learned, but this is looking like 250 now and that's a bitter pill.

Now,we all know that these GVWs were intended for the vehicle to be used as a commercial load lugger, and given that it's a "Proper" camper,there is obviously a case for down rating.

However, I cannot seem to find a definitive working process for doing this yourself anywhere. If anyone might be able to shed any light I'd really appreciate it,as I'm sure would many other folk.

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