Five years ago, Lil Twist was part of a disturbing scene in an unauthorized Lil Wayne documentary that saw Lil Wayne opening up about being raped as a child and telling Lil Twist he would do the same to him. I'll never forget their words: 'Suck Lil Wayne's little d*ck!

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According to the report, Lil Twist and friends were hanging out at Kyle's apartment in November when Kyle and his brother asked them to leave.

After the brothers asked everyone to leave, a fight broke out.

According to Chris, Lil Twist and his friends forced their way back into the apartment and attacked Chris with brass knuckles, taking his wallet and cell phone in the process. Wayne then goes on to tell him that the same will happen to him.

TMZ reports that there is an arrest warrant out for the rapper, and he could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted on all the counts. "It ain't 'cause you're a male, it ain't 'cause you're 15, it's because you're Young Money. "I got raped when I was eleven, Twist," Wayne told him. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared, it was good...

Massey starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Life Is Ruff.

Massey has released several rap songs for Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records.He provided the voice of Milo in the Disney animated series Fish Hooks and was the runner-up on the 11th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.After a five-month investigation into a felony home invasion and robbery, rapper Lil Twist has been charged in the case.Signed to Cash Money Records and frequently seen with Justin Bieber, Lil Twist, real name Christopher Lynn Moore, is alleged to have attacked "That's So Raven" actor Kyle Massey and his brother Chris at their apartment last November.Lil Twist, along with four others, has been charged by the Los Angeles County D.A.'s office with making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, TMZ reports.