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Like prose mixed with Pilsner, this blog is sure to leave you cross-eyed but smiling. Hey I am Ralph, the most travelled Border Collie in the world.

My humans have dragged me from England to live in Germany and I tag along on their adventures across Europe.

As Canadian newlyweds living and working in Hamburg, this is our blog to share our adventures and mis-adventures as we navigate life in a new culture and continent.

Each week we'll countdown the lessons we've learned, down to 100 lessons!

I'm a French Canadian from Ottawa Ontario, I love music and play bass and guitar.

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor in communications and working as a communications advisor. Expats James (a freelance writer and social media analyst) and Zoƫ (a photographer) moved to Berlin after coming to the realisation that their work was location-indepenant! My husband and I just relocated to his home town of Hannover, Germany and this blog shares my expat adventures with a focus on German life and culture.

I'm looking forward to learning German an I am a twenty-something who has been living in New York City since she was 7. Creative inspiration for a simple and handmade home from our 480 sq ft Berlin apartment and temporary home in the US made out of old tires.

I am about to trade my big-city life for the joy and excitement of living on an Air Force base in Germany. A girl from Serbia living, studying and blogging in and about Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. Bringing motivation to people who want to create simpler homes and lives worth Canadian historian documents the Berlin Renaissance today, mindful of a dramatic and terrifying history.

Having lived in Finland and soon moving to the Netherlands as a part of her studies, she enjoys living this international life and writing about it. Two Small Potatoes are two American expats, "ex-potatoes" from Idaho,who moved to Switzerland and then Germany for scientific research, travel, and adventure. Berlin is Europe's most exciting city, and The Needle posts weekly on history, culture and place.

In mid-19th century my ancestors came from Germany, heeding the popular call "Geh Mit Ins Texas! 150 years later, ready for my own transatlantic adventure, I have accepted a job in Germany... Confessions of an expat-mum, wife, and writer living in Germany - trying to make her way in the world - one glass of vino at a time.

I write about family, food, wine, and my travels in an attempt to dissect the world around me. Pacific Northwesterners living and working in Germany, dealing with a different-but-similar culture, being newly married, expecting a child, traveling, and reflecting.