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He Remembers What You Like And What You Don’t Like If the two of you are choosing a movie, he will suggest the one that has your favorite actor in it.

He knows your favorite actor because you told him when you first met.

If he ever has to order food for you he will remember not to get onions because you mentioned once that you hate onions.

It might seem silly, but little things really do mean a lot.

A guy who wants to know you better will care about the little things.

Someone who is just after sex won’t have a clue about who you really are and he won’t care who you are.He Takes You On Real Dates A guy with good intentions will take you on an actual date.How can you tell if he is totally into you or if he just wants a fling? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s just flirting or if he would maybe like to stick around for a while.It doesn’t matter how cute he is, if he’s just looking for a good time, you might want to put the brakes on, fast!Here are a few ways you can tell if he’s really into you or if he’s a player: When You Are Speaking – He Listens If he’s planning to stick around for a while, he will be interested in your opinions.You will know he could be a winner if he looks into your eyes while you speak and asks questions about what you are saying. If he cuts you off, starts talking to someone else, or if his eyes are roaming all over the room, his listening skills definitely suck and he’s not into you.