The play became a high-water mark for Sheik: the original cast album won a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album in 2008 and the production won two Tonys, including Best Original Score (Music).He and Sater also prepared for the 2003 opening of their musical, Spring Awakening.In 2009, Sheik released Whisper House, an album that offered his own version of highlights from Spring Awakening; it reached 181 on the Billboard Top 200.reports that singer Duncan Sheik, who was recently profiled in the sunniest of terms in numerous magazines and other media outlets, has postponed the start of his tour in order to deal with an “alcohol related addiction,” according to a representative.

With an appearance on the soundtrack to the TV hit ER, Sheik became somewhat well known in alternative circles.

Born in 1970, Duncan Sheik grew up in South Carolina but spent many of his early years living with his grandparents in New Jersey.

Inspired to play the piano while there, he later moved to electric guitar and performed in bands throughout high school.

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