She's attracted to me, and I am likewise attracted to her.She's intelligent, although her feeling preference is obvious, as her mind tends to wander off into other things when we delve into technical minutia. I'm a bit concerned about the F and J-types though.

intj male dating an infj female-33

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They are the rarest of all types so I doubt many, if any, have dated this type, but I'm just wondering what your experiences have been with them if you have dated them.

Just wondering if any of you have had any personal experiences you'd like to share with INFJs.

She is, indeed, difficult to understand as her profile mentions.Over the years I've learned to be more open to the possibility of relationships with people.It's hard to be 100% sure of any person's type, although, after long stints of talking with her and having spent a fair deal of time with her, I suspect her to be an INFJ.She treasures being different, openly admits she's "weird", doesn't give a crap if people think she is weird, and loves art (N).She cried during the movie Wall*E as well as 7 Pounds and tends to respond emotionally rather than analytically (F).She knows what she wants and doesn't want and tends to be firm in her decisions (J), and from what I gather, she is very close to her family and has only a small circle of friends (I).