You have to be honest with yourself and admit that.

Here are a few tips on how to seduce women into bed with you: 1.

You have to be honest with yourself about what you really want.

Look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get laid.

We are guys, it's what we spend a lot of our time thinking about.

There are different strategies when it comes to picking up women, and many guys have their disagreements about what really works best.

However, what really cannot be argued, is that when you come off like a sleazy pick up guy, most women are going to be turned off really quickly.

You need to come off a little smoother than that, make her feel like you are just trying to get to know her and where it ends up, well, it's anyone's guess. She needs to feel like you are not going to run your mouth the next day.

When most guys go out looking to meet women at clubs and bars, they are hoping that in some way, they are going to be able to seduce a woman into bed with them.

That's what goes on in our minds, and it's not like you are going out just to try and have great conversation, right?

With that being said, we all know that most guys end up striking out a lot more than they end up getting women into bed.

What can YOU do differently so that you end up being able to get more women to want to go to bed with YOU?