The person concerned (an American Caucasian) just felt that my views were a little funny.

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However, the rest of the ad was true, in the sense, that my views on life and what I was looking for in a person etc., these were all true.

When I received replies, I realized that I was behaving in a very idiotic fashion and might end up hurting a lot of people so I pulled the ads from all sites and did not reply to any of them.

There was however one reply that did not seek a prospective relationship.

Here are a few Testimonial Letters received from members of Hep throughout the years that I hope will encourage and give hope to others that it is possible to be single and find love while living with Hepatitis C.

Well he is moving down here to California next month from Oregon and we will be married on August 2.

I have been single for 20 years and am going on 56. Even though my liver has not been affected by Hep C, knowing you have it was hard but what makes it easier was having someone who understood how hard it was. ”“John and I met last year on this website on August 25, 2007.We have visited each other and are truly the perfect match.“Thanks to your web site I have found the love of my life. Well to make a long story, we fell in love, met, and I moved in with him right away.We were very happy and peaceful, and all was as it should be. For one year we were so very happy and it was because of this website.Until, July 25 of this year John and I found out he had primary liver cancer induced by Hep-C. I dont know what possessed me to do this but one fine day, I submitted a personal ad to various relationship sites.The ad was a lie from beginning to end as regards physical attributes.