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But when you wealthy you are boyfriend material but you need to pay $$$ for being a boyfriend. Plus all this Facebook and Twitter and countless online dating sites out there, women are becoming more and more unstable now. They never tell the truth now and who knows what they are thinking. If a woman is not attractive enough she does not match my furnitures.

If a woman good looking enough she just spend my money and meet other men on Facebook. So I just live with my cats in this big house and trust me I am much better off.

I think as time goes by more and more men would simply boycott dating and that's going to be normal in the future.

In the future people don't age so you stay young forever. When you need to be sexually aroused, just goto a strip club or hire prostitute.

Today's women are just too complicated for men to date.

If you are poor, then you are not good enough to date them.If you are wealthy, then all they want is your money. When I was poor, girls just wanted to get away from me. But when I am wealthy, they can only think of my money.So its like when you are poor they think you are cute but just not boyfriend material.Hire prostitute like once a while and goto strip club. Strippers and prostitutes are the way of the future.Trust me its still cheaper than having a girlfriend. The bottom line is this: There is no more love nowadays. They simply shop around on Facebook for a good deal. Plus strip club and prostitutes are yours to choose. And they shop daily even when their status on Facebook is "married". back in the days a wife would stick to her dying husband until husband dies.