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The first part of the quest will be killing the Boss named William Phoru.

Any difficulty is acceptable, with or without party members, but keep in mind that you need to kill William twice in order to complete this quest. The next part of the arc requires you to defeat Boss Nasod Banthus which can be found in the Underground Waterway.

You're only required to kill him once but must be done in Hard Level or Higher; you can do this with a party as well. After killing the bosses, head back to Elder Village and talk to Echo.

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How to Become an Arc Tracer in Elsword Two Parts : Become a Tracer Proceed with the Arc Tracer Path Arc Tracer is one of the job change class, aside from Psychic Tracer, for the character Add, the start of the path to become a Mastermind class in Elsword.

As Psychic Tracer focuses on physical attack and close combat, Arc Tracer is more on the mid-range using his Drones skill.

As of now, Arc Tracer is only available in Korea server but will be released soon in America and Europe server.

Steps Part 1 of 2: Become a Tracer Go to Suburb of Wally's Castle.