Ever wonder how to get a headhunter to yes on your resume in the hundreds of resumes on their desk?

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The key distinction is that they are truly consultants, working on behalf of their clients, and in most cases, exclusively represent their client on a specific search.

Contingency firms, on the other hand, get paid once a candidate is hired.

So, it is to their advantage to “throw as many resumes at the client as possible to see what sticks up on the finalist wall.” Nothing to lose, right? The more resumes they can get in front of the client, as quickly as possible, the better chance one of the contingency firm's candidates might get hired.

Along the way, I have done some things right and I have done some things wrong too.

So, I have come away from these experiences with a few practical takeaways I would like to share with you. First of all, the term "Headhunter" is generally used to describe recruiters.

However, "executive recruiters" or "executive search consultants" tend to accept and acknowledge this somewhat dubious terminology in the marketplace.The professional practices of executive search firms are accredited by the AESC.Such executive search firms adhere to the standards, norms, and values of the search industry's AESC trade association.Executive search firms are retained by their clients and serve as trusted advisers on key recruitment assignments.Their fees are paid regardless of whether or not their efforts result in a hire.Obviously they cannot stay in business, if they don’t produce results.