In September, the band heads west to perform dates in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, then Texas and into the Midwest in September, and east in October. For tickets and full tour itinerary click Track Listing 1. The Mavericks may still be based in Nashville, but they have long since outgrown the musical constraints of the country format. Three original members-Malo, bassist Robert Reynolds and drummer Paul Deakin-have been joined by new guitarist Eddie Perez.

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Although the Mavericks never formally broke up, they had not recorded or performed together for three years prior to their reunion earlier this year.

The self-titled CD from the Grammy Award-winning group was co-produced by Kenny Greenberg and Mavericks singer/principal songwriter Raul Malo.

The split happened, Malo says, after touring became "a grind" and he began to feel like the group was "cheating our fans.

My heart and soul were not in it."After a solo set and what he calls a detour into some Latin music projects, Malo began writing songs that, he quickly realized, sounded like Mavericks music again.

Since reuniting, Malo says, "everybody is in a much better head space. We were just idiots to some degree," he says of the band's early days.

"We're still idiots, I don't want to discount that, but we're probably a little wiser for the wear."Preferring to be thought of now as an American, rather than country, band, Malo speaks from experience when he says that "pigeonholing really hurts.

As an artist, you want to try different things and expand your musical horizons, and the moment that you do try to be adventurous, you might as well take a noose to your neck. The full original text of the article is available in the Premium Services section.

The live collection, featuring performances from the band’s 2015 tour, also named Mono Mundo, will be available in standard CD and digital issues, as well as in a gatefold double LP, according to the band’s announcement.

“After all these years, for us to be able to play the songs that we want to play is a real privilege,” says lead singer and founding member Raul Malo.

“And that happens because of this symbiotic relationship between artist and audience.” The band’s current lineup consists of tenor singer and guitarist Raul Malo, lead guitarist and vocalist Eddie Perez, keyboardist/singer Jerry Dale Mc Fadden and drummer Paul Deakin.

The touring band captured on these recordings is rounded out by the “Fantastic Four”: Max Abrams on sax and percussion, Ed Friedland on upright bass, Matt Cappy on trumpet and multi-instrumentalist Michael Guerra. To celebrate its live album, the band will spend the late summer and fall months on the road.