Throughout the single-player campaign in Grand Theft Auto IV, you can take Michelle out on dates to various locations throughout Liberty City including bowling alleys, restaurants and bars.

Go to the Bowling Alley, and walk up to the desk to start a game.

Use L to position yourself left to right in front of the bowling lane. Remember you can always click a location on the map, and it will create a way-point and generate a route for you, highlighted in green.

Press A when you're ready to proceed to the next phase. She will call you occasionally to arrange dates, or you can also call her to go on a date. For the second date, you can take Michelle to any available date location on your map.

What happens after is left up to the player's imagination.

Other playful references to the controversy are peppered throughout GTA IV.

First Date: When you are given the option to do so, go to Michelle's apartment to start the date mission.

Your first date with her will be a date to the carnival, which Niko calls the "funfair." When you get arrive, she tells you that she wants to go bowling.

The Grand Theft Auto series of games has always been followed by controversery in relation to its explicit content.

The most famous controversy came in the form of the "Hot Coffee" mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allowed the player to participate in a graphic sex scene.