Learn using the following link and start playing by installing it using the instructions.GTA 4 download for PC given here is online now for everyone to enjoy.This is one of those games that became wildly popular and for good reason.

It is an open world adventure and contains elements of racing, third person shooter and open world play.

It is the next version in the GTA series and takes place in a fictional location named as Liberty city, which is largely inspired by New York.

The fictional story spins around the character named Niko Bellic and you will be playing as this character in this new GTA game.

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Grab GTA 4 PC download from this page, you will not regret it. It is very linear and focuses more on the story line.

It provides an open world environment to be explored by the player.

Player can roam around the city; he can walk, climb and can jump across the restrictions.

Niko Bellic is a person who comes from army background.

He is a war hero, after his retirement he comes to New York to get a secured life.

But suddenly he finds himself in the middle of corruption, crimes of all sorts and a very dangerous world which is run by mafia gangs.

The story spins around the acts he performs during his journey throughout the city.