Reboot (Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete key simultaneously)6. Go to the play store and Sign-In This should fix problems and allow other apps to update.If you use ES File Explorer you cannot download the version in the Play Store as it is not compatible.

Below is a fix for this issue, should work on any Google TV box running Android 3.2 Honeycomb (API 13).

You need to update these apps by an alternative method to get things going again.1. Google Play Store 4.8.20 APK(Note: There are new versions of these apps but these will work on your google TV device. Download APKs using chrome Open chrome and search for above APK files to download.

Newer versions may cause problems or not work at all.) Open Chrome on your Google TV device and search for these APK files. (If your download is working you will see a message “Download Started”. Install APKs (Press Home Key, click on All Apps, Highlight and click on Downloads, click on first APK file 6.1.07,this should bring up a pop up screen, choose Package Installer and file should be installed. Remove your Google account from Device (Settings, Accounts & sync, scroll to manage accounts, click on account name, select, remove account)5.

There is still a very serious group of people using Google TV and as a community we can help each other and keep it alive.

Big thanks to Google for allowing us to keep the community in tact.

So am trying to cast from my Nexus 6p to my nexus player and it won't cast. To just hit the cast button and it won't do it anyone.

I've tried it with You Tube my videos pictures ect and nothing.

Oct 29, 2010If you're interested in being an early adopter of Google TV, for now you can choose a separate passthrough box like the Logitech Revue or Sony's Blu-ray. Nov 09, 2010Aside from actually hooking a PC to your TV, Sony's Internet TV with Google TV, aka the NSX-GT1 series, is the closest you'll likely come today to. To keep it a surprise, select This is a gift in Sony google tv guide not updating. In comparison to other Smartphone handset, Sony Ericsson XPeria Arcs Display Screen which comes with Touchscreen User Interface along side Onscreen Virtual Qwerty.

Getting started About this User guide This is the Xperia Z3 Compact User guide for the Android 4.4 software version. Getting started About this User guide This is the Xperia M4 Aqua User guide for the Android 5.0 software version.