A disgusting, disease-ridden rat, who dreams of being a gourmet chef. ) stories don’t start much lower, and in Brad Bird’s fanciful, romantic and wholly unlikely Ratatouille, that just makes Remy’s ascension taste sweeter.

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From the company that turned a mouse - that scurrying thing that shot your grandmother on top of a chair, holding a broom for dear life - into a national hero, comes the story of a rat.

takes place in an alternate reality, where people never evolved and animals set aside their differences to start a technologically advanced society.

Carnivores and herbivores, living together in the same metropolitan area, all of them equal in the eyes of the law.

So what we wanted to know is, who are the carnivores allowed to eat?

We sat down with ) to ask them these sorts of big questions. Watch our exclusive video interview to learn more about which animals don't count in Zootopia, how they feel about interspecies dating and the mysterious fate of a character we only see at the beginning of their impressive new film.

I defy you to forget the scene wherein he eats mice.

The ultimate conclusion of Never Cry Wolf is that humans are actually a greater threat to the land than wolves could ever be. Never Cry Wolf's contemplative content ultimately led to the formation of Touchstone Pictures, a more mature branch of the Disney machine.

~ Every kid’s favorite fantasy is the one about possessing secret power or information, resulting in an urgent task that will allow the child to be The Only One Who’s Right and triumph over whatever adversity stands in her or his way.