:)Why would a gay man advertise in a straight dating service?

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We have social events like movie nights, dinners, protests, and chalking up the free speech area of the campus with gay-positive slogans.

I'm irritated that they clearly aren't taking this seriously.

While we don't have any problems with members dating each other, the group isn't a dating service.

I got tired of being alone, and I figured I needed to meet people somewhere. What is the best dating service for a gay teens in my area? they do it because a lot of 'straight' married men are really gay and like to meet up with other 'straight' married men and have sex.

I was wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked. Recently I saw one of them advertising in a straight column for a date, Why do you think he is advertising in a straight dating service? For women, would you be upset to find out you are dating a man who is married to another man?

I am 15 years old and I am a gay boy, and I want to find the right person . its a great pretense if they hide on the straight boards because then no one will guess they really like gay sex. Are there any free gay on-line dating services in Canada? I worked with a married gay couple that advocates aggressively for gay rights.Is it a good idea for the military to start handing out condoms to prevent AIDS epidemics in our military? The one girl i did have sexual feelings for i dated and it just didn't feel right). You can be openly gay in college and no one would care. There are web sites that will give you a trial period to check out their services.Anyway i want to try dating a guy now and see if it feels right as i believe it will. Why not try that & see what options are available to you regarding payment. I'm the vice president of a college gay straight alliance, and we have a few members who insist on using the group solely as a dating service.However i cant just start asking random cute guys to go out with me so i was wondering should i use a dating service like eharmony to find a guy. They're constantly coming up to the advertising table that I use to grab new members' attention, and asking "were there any hot girls/guys at the last meeting?(That way i know hes gay before i even meet him and don't risk getting myself beet up asking him out.) If so which one should i use and should i do this over the summer or in the fall when i start college. " and my answer is always "Come and find out yourself." They very rarely come to meetings, and they're never interested in contributing anything like time or suggestions.