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He wants to you send messages only to his private email.

He makes a change to his primary email while you know him. If it says something different from where he says he is, than that is a sign to be cautious.

Read More August, 19, 2016 - information about database updates Last week (August, 12, 2016 - August, 19, 2016) 24 new scammers, 17 fake documents added to the database and 14 scammers' profiles updated.

Chances are if a picture or document or letter that was sent to you is also on our website, he is a scammer and should be avoided.

Read More Our website offers you a unique and innovative mechanism through which you can not only identify but even fight off male scammers encountered online.

If you are here because you are tired of male scammers and wish to enforce a permanent solution to get rid of them, keep reading on to learn how this website can help you.

Read More There are different scam scenarios: Military leave scam, Satellite phone service, Shipping goods that do not exist, Money orders, 419 advanced fee fraud, Travel scenario, Illness scenario, Money problems, Gay scenario and some others.

is a web service that is trying to root out male scammers that prey on women on the Internet.

We have an extensive database that we use to collect any and all information regarding these persons, so we can publish it on the Internet and warn women about them.