The public transport is also very goof with the U-bahn and S-bahn operating through the night in addition to the many bus services.The gay bars in Berlin often offer darkrooms and saunas.

The gay scene in London does not disappoint with a number of underground and main stream venues.

Amongst the most popular of the mainstream are those such as Heaven, G. Y and Fire amongst numerous bars in the Soho district of London catering to the gay scenes clientele.

There are a number of bars such as GAY Late and GAY bar which are affiliated to the club by the same name, as well as Ku Bar, Barcode and First Out a short distance away in Covent Garden.

You are literally spoilt for choice with the many gay bars and gay clubs along with sex shops and gay friendly restaurants.

Be warned though many of the gay venues do not allow women in (although some do) but it’s quite different in that respect from going to gay venues in other European Countries.

So, the top places to visit for gay venues in Berlin are the districts of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg. Also, a newer gay area is Friedrichshain which has been developed as another gay area with many gay clubs and cafes.

The good thing about Berlin is that many of the clubs and bars stay open very late – some until 8am the next morning so you can literally party your way all through the night!

The gay scene isn’t in just one location but quite widely spread out with Clubs in embankment, Vauxhall and even the O2 arena for instance which makes it very different to many other major Cities in the UK where the gay scene is usually predisposed to one select area.

The London Pride is a major event drawing crowds from all over the world to join in with the gaiety of the hip and trendy event.

If your in London you are bound to find a club or bar that tickles your fancy never mind what your fetishes maybe!!!

Berlin is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe for gay guys.