I’ll be updating this page frequently to share every snippet of dating info that I can find on sexy Selena. 10/16/2015: There has been some talk about Selena dating female star Cara Delevingne.Selena didn’t confirm this talk, but she did say how she “loved” hearing all this. Update 07/05/2015: New dating rumors about Selena hooking up with someone are floating around.My guess is that she’s back into girls and isn’t afraid to date anyone as of now! This time, there are rumors of her dating Cody Simpson.

She’s from Grand Praire, TX and as been working as an actress since the year 2000 in a series called Barney & Friends.

She then gained more popularity once joining many other actors on The Disney Channel in a series called .

This is when she really started taking a stronger liking to singing and even formed her own first band. She went on to strive within the music industry as well as the film industry.

After playing roles in , she then introduced the world to her fashion brand and the rest is history!

Selena Gomez has transformed into an absolutely georgous girl in her 20s with talents that most would love to have both in and out of the bedroom.

Not to mention that her net worth is about million so she’s atrtractive for a number of reasons as you can see!Check out Selena Gomez’s official social media accounts: Instagram Twitter Facebook I love providing updates on celebs and who they’re hooking up with. She’s made a name for herself as for being a top model, actress as well as an incredible singer. Selena Gomez’s beauty is comparable to nothing on earth really. I’ll get into all that but before doing so, you need to know why she’s so famous. Her career in the early years have superb and her beauty is simply something that people just have a hard time describing.One thing I know for sure is that a little Selena Gomez is good for you and if given the chance you should try and date or hook up with her if you ever get the chance.