I am (still, after much thought) undecided about whether to put the whole codebase on Git Hub or to just keep it private.There are a lot of cam sites out there, some are great and some are bad.

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Sharp Cap is an easy-to-use webcam and Astronomy camera capture tool. I initially wrote Sharp Cap because I got fed up with the awkward control over camera settings in programs like Amcap, Open Video Capture, etc. You can also see features suggested by others and join the discussion.

The main goals were to be easy to use when observing, and to help avoid mistakes like capturing with the wrong resolution or camera settings, or overwriting an existing file accidentally. Versions of Sharp Cap up to and including 1.5 included the source code as part of the installer.

There are some great video tutorials on using Sharp Cap for Astrophotography over on the Tutorials board at the uk forum (Note that you need to be a forum member to access the Tutorials). In the move to a new installer technology in version 2, this inclusion of the source code was no longer practical to maintain, so it was removed.

I currently do not make the source code to the latest versions of Sharp Cap available for download.

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