If you and your partner ever watched porn together, this is the next level.A lot of couples love to watch other couples and to be watched in return.

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A transparency that translates to less infidelity, less confinement and fewer insecurities, but more trust, more fun and more freedom. In an article, ABC News reported, “Forget the notion that swingers parties are full of middle-aged folks who are bored stiff by years of marriage.” And, given the number of young couples I’ve met in LA who are into the lifestyle, it seems the trend for Gen-Y is getting bigger. The good news is there are so many resources for swingers.

To put it simply, swingers are couples, usually who are in committed relationships or are married, who swap partners. Swingers clubs are usually labeled as “lifestyle clubs.” A simple Google search for “(your city) lifestyle club” or “(your city) swingers clubs” might just do the trick.

But the world of swinging is much too vast to define in one sentence. If you’re in Los Angeles, one popular place is called Club Joi.

Full Swap When you and your partner are down for a full swap, it basically means both of you are open to share each other with another couple. Couples can decide if they only want to do a full swap in the same room (which is usually recommend by experienced swingers) or to be completely open, meaning anything goes, anywhere.

Whenever you meet another couple in the lifestyle, it’s common to disclose what you’re looking for as a couple to see if there’s a mutual interest.

One of the first questions couples ask each other is what they’re down for. Soft Swap Not all swingers are down to have full blown sex with another couple.Some couples are perfectly fine with soft swapping, especially when starting out. There’s no penetration, but kissing, touching and sometimes oral can happen. Just Watch Swingers are totally open to being watched by other couples and watching others.Most clubs will charge you a membership fee of and up.That membership can last three months to a lifetime, depending on the club.When you attend a club, you’ll be asked for a “donation.” The suggested donation is usually nothing less than a couple. You and your partner can browse photos of other couples and send messages.Websites If you’re not ready to go to a club just yet or if you want a more efficient way to explore your options, you may want to join a social network for swingers. The two sites I listed above also show you events happening near your city.