It is terribly lonely sometimes when people who are used to being in a close relationship is suddenly single.

Five pitfalls to dating older or younger edmondsdating com

The question of older women dating younger men is one of degrees.

There are factors that will help to make such a relationship work, and factors that may doom the relationship right from the very start.

Certainly age can make a great difference, and of course it makes a difference, but it is a matter of degree as to how many years there are between the two.

If it is a great number of years, then it is likely that the two will have very little in common in the areas of life experiences and interests.

While sex is a strong component when two people have an equal desire, if that is the only thing that is keeping them together, chances are it will turn into a flawed relationship.

Couples need to be able to converse and relate to one another to the point that they feel as one in common in a variety of areas and interests.

The human mind needs to be stimulated from many different angles, topics and discussions.

Older women dating younger men can work, but there will have to be stimulation from the emotional and mental aspects in the relationship as well as just physical attraction.

This is a common problem, as the person who made the assumptions feels hurt, but the other party does not even know or become aware that anything went wrong because the couple had not yet developed a mature and meaningful way to really exchange ideas and plans.