The interactions I have before, during and after dates sometimes defy reason or explanation, but there is always, always, always something to be learned. Before I got here I set up dates with ten people, roughly. At this point in my life, dating is a numbers game and in order to get what I need, I must practice patience, openness, and compassion.She takes a tug on her cigarette and blows it toward the Magnificent Mile.Very often conversations with my friends revolve around this item when we are talking about my relationship status.

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The other thing that happens is when you meet someone that you actually like.

This is a wonderful event in any individual’s dating life, but when you are in an open relationship, it is especially wonderful because you know there are boundaries.

Typically, if you are dating to find your person or dating because you like it, and you have no other commitments, you can be completely open to what might come your way, and that is awesome.

I was raised by women who had to keep theirs a secret and it did them no favors.

I date so that I have the opportunity to get good at being vulnerable, and more importantly, so that I know how to handle it when someone does something which is either insulting or abusive.

The more I date, the better I get at standing my ground while simultaneously being open.This is a skill that I have honed and continue to hone every time I go out on a date. Then, there is the other thing that can happen, that thing that is rare, but exists, just like the White Buffalo.He asks in a thick Irish accent as he sits down to breakfast for our first and last date.“Russian, Irish, English, Scottish, or thereabouts.” He looks at me sideways and states, “so you are Catholic and Jewish.” I begin to argue but he dismisses me, then asks if it is hard to have such cheap relatives.He looks at me incredulously, and still needs to know why.I spend the next half hour explaining to him that I have no idea in about fifteen different ways. Of those, one was someone worthy of my time and effort.