EVEMon Dev Team (a.k.a me atm) is inviting you all to beta test the brand new market data uploader, which will be implemented in the next EVEMon minor release (a.k.a 1.7.0). (link disabled)Usage: Just decompress the content of the zip file and run --Change log--v0.4 EMUU made more flexible to various http methods and compression available for UF.v0.3 Fixed issues with enabling/disabling endpointsv0.2 Fixed several issues found.- Insight EMUU uses the Unified Uploader Data Interchange Format, which was created from player devs, in order to create a unified platform for uploading market data to various endpoints.If any bugs emerge, please be so kind and report them in this thread. Currently the following endpoints are supporting the UF and are available by EMUU.

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The use of 'GET' is not advised as the data length usually exceed the method's limits.

The Compression = The compression to use, valid compression values are '╬ŁONE, GZIP, DEFLATE' (case insensitive). I guess i'm not the one you want to test this thinghuston I have a problemas soon as I click the 0.2it crashes....... You can find a 'how to fix' at: thanks guess it was just a corrupted download, I was missing the EVEMon.

There is no meaning to use compression for local requests but this has been added for testing purposes. there is application window with 1 checkbox, empty "Progress" window and status "Uploader: Idle". well reading better the error message I see that the crash occurs on the 0.1 which I used till 20 mins ago. Anyway error message is on the lib, it also says 'module version crashing: 6.1.7601.17651' but as I was saying the program version crashing is the even if this could be just because you didn't change a version line somewhere :p In fact the 0.1 shouldn't be existing anymore here Of course I closed EVEmon as well and tried also restarting the computer to see if it was a cache or ram problem but nothingwin7 x86_64True, I forgot to change the version number but have it now updated. The one you got may have been corrupted at download. Market Unified libeverything's fine nowedit: no I wasn't missing it, but I moved the in another folder.

Notice: The host has to be always '' as it's internally checked, in order to prevent exploitation of this feature. So, everybody make sure the and the are in the same dir.

When we start piping around the original unified messages I'll subscribe to EMDR.

As for EMUU, we're close to supporting it correctly.

The biggest hurdle is currently compressed payloads and different interpretations of what that means.

My 2 isk :)Although this is not the EMDR topic thread, I'll try to answer to you.

To my knowledge EC currently is not subscribed to EMDR's feed.

On the other hand, EC is very close in supporting EMUU.

There are some last minute tweaks that need to be done. EVEC loop makes it hard to detect duplicate information as the SMTP/CSV is fairly lossy.