Both married men and married women might use a dating website to find some friendship or companionship they aren’t quite getting at home, while other married daters seek to find a girlfriend or boyfriend online that their spouse doesn’t know about.Finally, some people look for extramarital affairs only by finding the casual sex part of an online dating community.Now, you might not care whether a man or woman is in a marriage or not. But I don’t want the online dating newbie to fall pray to a “singles scam”, so you need to know what to look for when meeting new people at an e-dating site.

Of course, a guy may still live with his mom and not want you to know it, or a woman might simply being cautious, so use your common sense.

In fact, as you’ll see later, I specifically tell women they should keep their secrets when meeting new people online. Avoid Stalkers – You never know who you’re dealing with in online dating.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but it does mean you have to be cautious.

People can edit their words and think through what they say in written communications, so they are naturally going to be more polished and rehearsed.

Let’s get back to our original subject: dating online.

I want to focus on the online dating dangers that exist for both men and women, and what you can do to avoid internet dating dangers.

By raising your awareness of some of the common dating scams, you’ll be able to delve into the online dating community with more caution, yet confidence.

We’ve pointed out a number of dating safety tips before, but never about online dating specifically. He’s a Married Man – One unfortunate concerns with online dating is that married people also use online dating sites to meet single people.

Also, a lot of communication has to do with gestures, tone of voice and overall body language.