The verb eavesdrop is a back-formation from the noun eavesdropper ("a person who eavesdrops"), which was formed from the unrelated noun eavesdrop ("the dripping of water from the eaves of a house; the ground on which such water falls").

- Incoming damage, spells, heals, buffs, debuffs, etc...

FAQ My peridoic damage is not showing up in the combat log or on the screen! - You have turned off periodic damage on the Advanced Options under Interface options.

Make sure the "Periodic Damage" check box is checked, even if you have Damage unchecked. You may change this for each character using the Profile area of the option menu. You will need to use a font program like Clear Font of Fontabulous to change it.

Network eavesdropping is a network layer attack that focuses on capturing small packets from the network transmitted by other computers and reading the data content in search of any type of information.

This type of network attack is generally one of the most effective as a lack of encryption services are used. Those who perform this type of attack are generally black hat hackers; however, government agencies, such as the National Security Agency, have also been connected.

Blizzard Entertainment does not eavesdrop or monitor the content of your oral communication through the Voice Client.interception of communication, technical surveillance including intrusive surveillance, use of undercover agents and simulated transaction, use of eavesdropping devices, human agents in target organizations?At the national level, information is exchanged between the various Internal Security Forces units by means of wire (telephone and facsimile) and wireless communications (such as operations rooms in various locations), although these methods remain vulnerable to violation and interception by eavesdropping For example, the Gwadar military port, which China is constructing in southwest Pakistan, is strategically placed to guard the throat of the Persian Gulf, with electronic eavesdropping posts to monitor ships -- including war ships -- moving through the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea.In fact, Bush pursued his policy despite a 1978 law – adopted in response to the Nixon-era abuses – that specifically requires judicial approval, and in contradiction to his public assurance that no such eavesdropping takes place without a court order.PLEASE NOTE: Non-en US clients may have errors or strange behavior. - A simple combat log that displays events similar to how SCT/D would in a log, using icons to display spells/skills. - Power gain - Honor, Reputation, SKill, and Experience gain - Mob/People you have slain - Combat start/stop - Timestamps and details in tooltips - High hit stat tracking for both incoming and outgoing skills.It seperates incoming events (left side) from out going events (right side) from misc. - Combat Summaries - Shift+Click to paste events of history into Chat Edit Box Where did it come from? Coding help/samples from Andalia`s Side Combat Log and Combat Chat. - Unzip Eaves Drop into your interface\addons directory. Now just run Wo W and once logged in, you will see the Eaves Drop in the middle of your screen. Right click the Eaves Drop Tab to see the options menu.