Three former Vietnamese soldiers are arguing about what is the best aphrodisiac and decide to settle the score once and for all by playing Russian roulette.

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After feeling sick, he runs into the bathroom and ingests several denture whitening tablets he believed were mints.

After washing them down with water that had more denture cleaner dissolved in it, the chemicals dissolve his digestive tract while removing the oxygen in his blood.

He bleeds and suffocates to death on the bathroom floor.

Ducks Deluxe, established in 1992, are the creators of Dr. check out our 100% Guarantee so that your shopping experience will be a confident and pleasurable one .. i have an inherited guitar thats very old trying to find out what model it is.

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A landlord uses a fiber optic scope to spy on young female tenants.

One day while spying on a woman from below in her bathroom, the above floor collapses from water damage due to all the holes he drilled and the tub (with the bathing woman inside of it) falls through and crushes his head.

A couple finds a pool to hop into while the owners are away.

After getting drunk and playing in the pool, the man takes out a tarp and prepares to slide in the pool not noticing the nail (from when he was playing with a nail gun earlier) sticking up in the center of it.

He then slides down the tarp, has his intestines torn out, and is killed quickly from blood loss and hypovolemic shock by the time he lands in the water.