Step 4: Absinthe should detect your i Pad and also mention the i OS firmware that is running on it.Click on the button the tool will give a progress update on the various stages of the jailbreak process such as: “Beginning jailbreak” (note this can really take sometime – in our case this step took more than 10 minutes on our i Pad 2, though it was lot quicker on i Phone 4S) “Sending initial data” at this time you will notice that “Restoring in Progress” message on your is rebooting.“Preparing jailbreak data” “Sending payload data” (this can also take a long time – in our case this step took more than 15 mins) Step 5: In the end you’ll be prompted with the message informing you that the jailbreak is “Almost done – just unlock the screen if necessary, then tap “Jailbreak” icon to finish. The icon you should look for is the Absinthe icon and not “Jailbreak”, it may not be on the first home screen page so you’re better off just searching for it using Spotlight. It should load the greenpois0n site and reboot your i Pad.

Chronic Dev team has just released greenpois0n Absinthe to jailbreak i Phone 4S and i Pad 2 for Windows.

In this guide, we will take you through the step by step procedure to jailbreak i Pad 2 running i OS 5.0.1 or i OS 5 using Absinthe for Windows users.

Step 1: Download Absinthe for Windows from this link and save the application in a folder named “Absinthe” on your desktop.

Step 2: Double click the Absinthe zip file and extract the application to the Absinthe folder.

Navigate back to the Absinthe folder and launch the Absinthe application.

Note: Please launch the application as an Administrator.

Right Click on the Absinthe exe and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

Step 3: After launching Absinthe, you will be prompted to connect your i Pad 2. Please disable the passcode temporarily to jailbreak your i Pad (Settings - Turn Passcode Off). Please also remove any VPN settings that you may have configured on your i Pad.

That’s it, your i Pad 2 is successfully jailbroken.

Troubleshooting tips: Here are some troubleshooting tips if you hit an issue while jailbreaking your i Pad 2 with Absinthe: 1. If you think it is taking a long time (or get the feeling that Absinthe isn’t doing anything) then be patient, it took more than 45 minutes to jailbreak our i Pad 2 using Absinthe.

Check out the timings mentioned by us above for some of the steps.7.