Hal and Lois take advantage of the boys' busy evening.

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16 January 2000When Lois finds her red anniversary dress burnt and in the toilet, she immediately suspects Reese, Dewey and Malcolm of foul play, and chases them all over the house to try and make them fess up, while Hal waits all night at the restaurant alone.

23 January 2000While Hal and Lois are away for the weekend, Francis, visiting home from military school, is in charge of the house.

Right away his friends come over and mess it up, so Francis and the boys clean it up to show Francis is responsible and might be allowed to leave military school and come home.

All goes well...until a shelf falls on Malcolm, injuring him.

Francis promises to get Malcolm out of doing his act but meets a girl at the picnic and no longer wants to leave.

Lois tries to fit in with the other parents unsuccessfully and Hal serves meat from the BBQ even though the Krelboynes all voted that there would be no meat.Reese ends up on the run from eraserheads brother who catches him in the end giving him a wedgie.6 February 2000Malcolm finds himself being antagonized by a new bully, Kevin.This kid was always mocking him, teasing him, at lunch he cut right in front of him. But after Kevin taunted him about it one time too many, Malcolm loses it and attacks the kid, but deeply regrets it after learning his bully was 7-years-old; Hal cuts down the huge tree in the front yard, and he and the boys have just a little too much fun with the wood chipper.13 February 2000Malcolm adores his new job of looking after the kids of a rich family, while his own family finds themselves camping out in the yard in a trailer while the house is being fumigated.Hal and Lois are constantly at each other's throats and they're all miserable, while Malcolm has the time of his life with people who seem like the perfect family. 20 February 2000Reese takes on an impossible task in order to be allowed to stay up and watch an evil puppet, while Malcolm, finding his sleepover at Stevie's a little...safe, introduces Stevie to trouble.