Also Jay-Z has said Allen Iverson was digging her as well.Carmen looks to be doing a Superhead by promiscuously spilling info to promote herself and book.

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Diddy keyshia cole dating video

Shoutout to Hov for showing fellas how to put a ring on it! Tiny & TI have been dating since her Xscape days before we even knew TI existed. The pair tied the knot after almost 20 years unwed. These two have been dating just over 10 years, and have kept their relationship super private until recently. Kendrick finally popped the question this year and is planing on making it official. Ice-T & Coco Married, 2001 It’s almost hard to remember Ice-T without Co Co now.

It feels like they’ve been together for light years.

These two are approaching their 15 year marriage anniversary and just welcomed a baby girl.

According to Jay-Z, Carmen let him nut on Destiny’s (Nas and Carmen’s daughter) car seat.

That just doesn’t make sense.” On whether she slept with Nas after he and Kelis began dating: “Yes, and it’s all in the book.” On why her daughter Destiny was not at Nas and Kelis’ January wedding: “Yes, unfortunately it is true. No one called for a dress size, a shoe size or anything.

Two days before the actual ceremony, Nas called to inform us of the date.Even though it was short notice, the next day Destiny was packed and ready to go.Everyone is getting cuffed up in preparation for the holiday season.For the folks who might be spending the holidays alone, don’t lose hope! Here we’ve compiled a list of Hip Hop couples who’ve made it work and stood the test of jail stints, infidelity and of course, time.Flip the script to see get inspired by which celebs made it.Jay Z & Beyonce Married, 2008 They’ve only been married for 7 years but we alllll know Jay Z & Queen Bey have been dating since her early twenties! & Tiny Married, 2010 Being in a long term unwed relationship might not be ideal for some women, but things come around when the time is right. Kendrick Lamar & Whitney Alford Engaged, 2015 Kendrick and his long time boo aren’t married yet, but they definitely have earned their way to this list.