“Maybe later on — like, on DVD or something.” , which Kristin said she’s excited to start filming. “I think Ron Moore is quite brilliant, and I really like what he’s done.

on Thursday evening (January 15) at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actor is rarely spotted making appearances on the red carpet.

tumblog dedicated to tom welling & erica durance and their mindblowing chemistry & wonderful friendship which exists both on and off screen ♥ "..really got to feel the fondness and chemistry that Tom and Erica have always had for each other.”Tom Welling and Erica Durance Discuss Appearing on Supergirl ❝There’s people who would like it…there’s people who don’t like it, but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it.

I know the odds are stacked against us and we’d be risking everything, but if you’re ready to take that leap, there’s no one else that I’d want to take that leap with.

‘Cause that’s the only way we could share a life together.

If something comes along that we both agree would be fun and appropriate, then I would love to work with them again. – Erica Durance All my life I’ve been afraid, Lois. Afraid of them rejecting me, and even if they didn’t, still losing them. But when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever, it made me realize there’s something I’d regret more than anything else, and that’s not telling you the truth about me.

fans all over the world will be glued to their TVs when the series finale airs this May, but there’s one longtime fan who will sadly have to miss the broadcast: former co-star Kristin Kreuk.

“I probably won’t watch it,” she told Hollywood on March 10 at the 31st Annual Genie Awards.

“It’s about a Sheriff in Wyoming, and I play the Sheriff’s daughter,” Freeman tells us. She’s a bit younger, which is really fun, because I always felt like I was much younger than Tess in real life.