A: Chemistry.com, although not the largest of the online personals sites we reviewed, had the largest percentage of female members at 71.8%.

Suppose you discovered that two of the three sites you have on your list are predominantly for the 'under 30' crowd, while the third site has a large population of singles in your age group.

Don't you think this would be important information to have before you make your final decision about which online dating site to join? That's why we took the time to research the major online dating sites in order to provide some demographics of their membership base.

We researched the most popular and highly visited dating sites online, including Match.com, Yahoo!

In addition to understanding the available features of any online dating site you are considering joining, it is also very important to understand the demographics of the members that are typical of that dating site.

This is important because it can tell you whether there will be a sufficient number of members who you may be compatible with.

For example, suppose you are over fifty-five years of age and are considering joining an online dating site.

Let's suppose you have narrowed down your search to three online personals sites, based on their available features, subscription prices and favorable reviews.

Personals, e Harmony, and to provide some interesting statistics about the members of each of these aforementioned dating sites. For our research we wanted to answer specific questions about the ages, incomes, and interests of the members at each of the major online dating sites.

We also wanted to examine the male/female ratio of each of these sites by comparing the percentage of male and female members.