She gives us a buss on the cheek before we’re even introduced, and murmurs her apologies for being late.

daughter dating man older than father-71

In California, it’s actually a felony for an adult man to date a 17-year-old.

“Their relationship appears to be a little more than just friendly,” the site adds.

Plus, Michael has a tattoo of a confederate flag on his forearm, signifying the metal band Pantera — The “CFH” on the tattoo stands for the band’s album “.

(Recently, the Pantera’s former singer, Phil Anselmo, threw a nazi salute while shouting “WHITE POWER” at a show.

Michael and Phil are good friends, and posed together for a photo in January.) Oh, boy.

Michael shared a photo of him and Paris staring soulfully into each other’s eyes on March 16, captioning it “”You’re as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey”.Paris also posted a photo of them the same day, in which they have their arms around each other, smiling serenely with drinks in their free hands.She captioned it with a cute tiger emoji: Paris had an alleged suicide attempt in 2013, and underwent intensive therapy and treatment in 2014.These days, her Instagram is filled with photos of Paris smiling and hanging out with friends — we love to see that she’s doing so great!We’ll just have to see where her relationship with Michael goes.Hollywood Lifers, do you think it’s inappropriate for Paris to be dating an older dude with a confederate flag tattoo?