Karaca has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2006, when he was involved in a deadly armed convenience store burglary, AZFamily reported.Most recently, he served three years behind bars for stealing a car.He is described as 6 feet tall, weighing about 175lbs with several distinctive tattoos, including the words 'South Side’ on his forearms, 'Tucson' across his upper back, 'Chavez' on his stomach and drama masks on his chest.

It’s all a part of his huge passion for life.” The almost comically opulent result of Hadid’s extreme confidence can now be found at 630 Nimes Rd., behind gates big enough to make St. Le Belvédère—nicknamed by real estate insiders as “Te Mother of All Spec Homes,” or simply “Te Beast”—features a 130-foot private gallery, a Turkish hammam, a 200-seat ballroom, a 70-foot infinity pool and a 20-car motor court, along with such humdrum billionaire conveniences as a walk-in fridge, a 60-seat movie theater, a poker room and a 5,000-bottle wine cellar.

All of which is arranged over three floors (each one covered in imported Bavarian walnut) and an epic 48,000 square feet.

Indeed, the place is so vast, a single broker’s tour could take a week.

Not that Hadid’s brokers were ever lacking in motivation: Te standard commission on an $85 million price tag is in the region of $5.1 million. Te main problem: Between the breaking of ground at Le Belvédère in August 2006 and the completion of the property a mere 18 months later, Wall Street tossed a nuclear bomb down the mineshaft of the American housing market, and the resulting firestorm almost sent the entire country, not to mention the rest of the world, back to the Stone Age.

And so, as the pitchforkwielding masses descended on the mansions of ex-Lehman Brothers executives in the summer of 2008, Hadid wisely concluded that this might not be the most opportune of moments to begin marketing a 10-bedroom property with 19 fireplaces, eight rose gardens and a ‘Moroccan room,’ shipped via airmail from Marrakech.

So he decided to spend awhile living in his colossus instead.8is can’t have been much of a hardship—although you can only imagine the horror of Hadid’s first property tax bill, which came in at 0,000, or thereabouts.Here was a Nouveau Palace of Versailles that would be constructed essentially on thin air, thanks to a near-vertical plot of hillside, a million retaining wall and enough backfill to plug a black hole.As for the client who was expected to pay the million asking price for this monument to infinite means: He (or she) existed nowhere but in the imagination of its creator. Hadid, a former owner and/or developer of some 20 Ritz-Carlton hotels—who infamously out-ego’d Donald Trump over a plot of land in Aspen—never seemed to doubt for a second that such a buyer would come.“Mohamed takes risks,” says his close friend Lisa Vanderpump- Todd, the British restaurateur and designer behind Villa Blanca on Brighton Way (she is also rumored to be one of the stars of Bravo’s forthcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).“But he has great foresight as to what people want—in business and as a friend.