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You have to go so much deeper to find the person inside.

Tinder and other dating sites and apps aren’t the only way people are now meeting each other; forums where you share a common interest, Twitter, Facebook and even online gaming have all become part of the normal way to connect with people.

The Internet is expanding the way in which it is possible to meet people.

You would have to go out there—really out there—mingling in the public, talking to complete strangers.

Bars and clubs were your best bets for meeting new people, but they weren’t always the kind of people you wanted to meet.

I remember a time when the supermarket or the library, language classes or sports clubs were heralded as the ultimate place to meet “the one,” and it took huge amount of guts to even make the approach. You can view literally 100s of potential partners in a matter of minutes and you would never know the sting of rejection as you only see them again if the feeling is mutual.

It’s all ridiculously shallow and purely based on looks but then hasn’t dating always been?

For those of you who have shunned Twitter, on Wednesday the Tinder company feed went wild with a 30 tweet outrage defending itself against a Vanity Fair article that took a look into how dating has changed since the rise of Internet dating sites and apps.

Tinder defended itself against accusations that it has turned dating into a “hit it and quit it” culture, stating that friendships and marriages are common with the dating app and even bizarrely went on to state that it was vital in anti-conventional social media states, such as China and North Korea, in helping people meet.

There is one thing that Vanity Fair was right about: the Internet is the biggest thing to change how we mate since settlements and marriage.

Dating before the rise of the Internet was the same as trying to do research: really bloody difficult.