Det sker ved at man går samlet til Domkirken, hvor der ved en højtidelighed gøres opmærksom på foreningen Sinds arbejde for psykisk syge og deres pårørende.Mentally ill refugees and immigrants are a marginalized and invisible group and the percentage of this group who are admitted into hospital is still increasing.Many are traumatized-suffering from PTSD due to war-flight –etc.

datingside for psykisk syge-39

Very often they are extremely lonely and isolated have no contact at all with their local community due to language barriers as well as cultural ones.

That is why Najib and Emine in the spring of 2003 started Muhabet in order to give this forgotten group some where to come – find peace - meet others in the same situation but also to make the outside world aware of them.

The large windows of the drop-in center are symbolized by the fact that the world can look in and the guests can look out.

Muhabet is designed like a café, with sofas, chairs, tables and an open kitchen.

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The primary target group is lonely, withdrawn and isolated mentally ill people for whom it is difficult to use ordinary public and private services.

for psykisk syge og deres pårørende på Bornholm Åbningstider: Mandag kl.

9 - 22 Vi har selvfølgelig også åbent, selvom åbningsdagen falder på en helligdag !

There is a rather big cellar where children can play and use the computers, a another room is for praying and bellydancing.

Everything is painted in warm colours reminding the guests of home.

During the opening hours the guests meet the volunteers over a cup of tea or coffee talking about everything.