Especially if you’re a woman, just head to your nearest (or favorite) strip club.

These places are nicer than any dive, but that’s just a smoke screen, as your goal here is the same: get buzzed and get home. It might be expensive, but it’ll be a night to remember.

Oh, and if you’re Downtown, you should know that Shift Drinks provides bottles of wine to go until am.

Whether it’s Tinder or Ok Cupid, Grindr, or Christian Mingle, plenty of people are meeting online these days. Still, it can be stressful finding a place to go with someone you’ve only sent flirty messages to online. If you’re looking to impress, but you’re not ready to drop $50 on a date that might not go anywhere, head to a happy hour at a nice cocktail bar.

Portland still boasts a fair amount of awesome dive bars.

If you’re just in it for a hookup, grab a shot of well whiskey and chase it with a crappy canned beer.

Like strip clubs, there’s one in every neighborhood, so you’re not going to be far from one of your haunts. but really, if they’re coming over for any of these reasons, it was never for that token anyway. Catch a show at a venue like the Doug Fir Lounge, then head straight out and into a room at the hip Jupiter Hotel.

Try a place with liter-sized mason jar drinks: Swift Lounge, Sweet Hereafter, or Bye & Bye, or just grab one of the high-proof Tiki drinks at Hale Pele. Or start the evening at a bar like Clyde Common, Departure, Red Star, Jackknife Bar, or any other bar that is attached to a chic hotel.

In the good old days, you would simply date the person in your village with the most teeth, or you were shipped off to a nearby kingdom to marry a duke and assure a lucrative barley trade.

Nowadays, you might want a variety of things, from a one-night stand to a lifelong partner.

And you might discover this person in a variety of new ways, from work parties to a night swiping through Tinder while marathoning a show on Netflix.

In any case, it can be hard to select the appropriate venue for the level of date you want, so we’ve put together this list to help. If you’re both looking for just a hookup, we've got you covered.