Tell your new partner a bit more about them if you haven’t already – their favourite subjects at school, favourite TV shows or hobbies they enjoy – so they at least have a few conversation starters.Tell your kids about your new love too – their job and what they enjoy doing are worth mentioning.Don’t overdo this bit though, you don’t want to sound like you have mentionitis.

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If they’ve been positive about the whole thing since you first mentioned it, chances are they will be excited about meeting them, but if they’ve been cautious about someone new coming into your life, be aware that they may act out.

If your child is usually shy around new people, tell your partner too so that they know how to approach the situation and don’t get paranoid.

Before your new partner meets your children, it’s important to have a conversation between yourselves about where you stand.

If you’ve told your children that they are your friend and they introduce themselves as your boyfriend/girlfriend, they’ll be awkward shuffling of feet all round.

Dating as a single parent the inevitable situation that you will come across is introducing your children to a new partner which can be really daunting for all parties involved – especially if your children haven’t met any of your dates before or your new partner doesn’t have much experience with kids.

However, the big event doesn’t have to be quite so terrifying if you’re well prepared for it.If your other half is looking for some words of wisdom to help them through any awkward moments, we’ve got some tips on making the whole process as smooth as possible.The first thing your new partner needs to know is a few things about your children, at the very least their names and ages – getting that wrong would be embarrassing all round.Make sure that your partner is clued up on exactly where they stand in the relationship, what you’ve told your kids about them and anything they might need to know about the history with their father/mother.The best thing that your partner can do when meeting your children is to give them lots of attention and take an interest in their life.Your child might be feeling like second best if there is someone new in your life, so make sure your partner is aware of this and that they make a special effort to get to know them and understand how important they are in the relationship.