Bill works in Battersea, and has just had a child, so I do the decent thing.We arrange to meet at 6.30pm in an upmarket pub near his work for food and drink (gone are the days when one was resilient enough for weekday drinking without a meal).

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I arranged to meet a friend after work the other day.

I’ll call him Bill, because that’s his name, and because the Daily Telegraph won’t let me use the words I’d really like to employ about him.

For brevity’s sake, just imagine that anytime I use the name “Bill”, it has been prefaced by a volley of industrial language and unkind adjectives about his mother and his personal relaxation habits.

So I live in north London, and he lives in the killing fields of the south, where women with expensive pushchairs outnumber tube stations a million to none.

It takes about an hour and three-quarters, and I enjoy it very much, this time spent away from communication.

A break from Twitter, from email, from calls, not stopping to check messages at traffic lights. Needless to say, I wait a long, long time, because without Bill, I know that I am walking the whole way back.I have freedom to think, to dream, to make like Eric Cantona in a pretentious TV advert. After a bit, I pretend that I am jogging, and do some stretching exercises across the street. After two hours, the situation eventually becomes untenable and I head home, my spirit broken. I’ve heard they give the uneaten sandwiches in Pret A Manger away at the end of the day.We all put up with a lot in modern life, but having to get undressed in a room so small that bending down at the wrong moment can get you a faceful of a strange man’s fundament is surely too much - unless you like that sort of thing in which case more power to you Anyhow, on this occasion, after donning my PE kit at home, I prompty lock myself out of the house. I consider going to my girlfriend’s work, but I'm not too sure where it is.This is not because I am a distant or disinterested partner, or at least not in this instance: she has only just started a new job, so I am not yet certain of her office address.Also, I don’t want to embarrass her by meeting her new colleagues in my disgusting gym get-up.With no access to phone, or Bill’s phone number, there’s little for me to do other than to make my way to Battersea.