The biggest hurdle for the shy guy is just getting out there and meeting people.

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Finding and approaching women as a shy guy is incredibly difficult.

I can count on one hand the number of girls I actually approached to ask out on a date in high school.

I never could pick up on someone’s ‘signals’ to me until I was home and it was too late.

Part of what I’ve learned is that I was stressing too much about approaching people.

Somehow along the way, grownups have to stop being shy. I’ve learned a lot since starting this blog about how to meet people and how to start a relationship.

As an adult, everyone that didn’t know me thought I was a jerk because I didn’t go out of my way to make friends. If you are a shy guy, you know how hard it is dating, let alone even finding a woman to date.

When I was little, everyone thought I was cute because I was shy.

For me, some of the best things I’ve learned have been these dating tips for shy guys because I’ve been able to use them myself. I will walk you through dating tips for shy guys from meeting women through the date and even what to do afterwards.

Start a conversation up about anything and you’ll start getting those signals before you get to asking someone out.