You might save someone’s life, or make their day, or you can turn their life around by showing them this.When I’m not so sick, I’m going over the links I need because this is hella helpful right now.

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Unfortunately, that psychiatrist retired after many years of Government service.

Our group was then combined with another group, making the total patients ten.

This Ph D psychiatrist is just the opposite of the previous person we had enjoyed for over ten years. Miller, does no teaching to show us how to cope with the negative things in our lives.

In stead, she thinks the proper therapy is having everyone around the able tell how he feels. She says the best therapy is to give us a place where we can report all our tramas. After listening to all these men complain about all their problems, I found myself in a deep state of depression. In the previous group, after meetings, we would stand around and chat about things going on in the world, and the friendship was bonding.

The problem intensified after my wife died of cancer.

For many years, I thought I was too tough to seek treatment.

Greg Hellle My PTSD is related to war service in the Infantry. Was wounded once, given a Purple Heart, patched up and sent back up to do some more fighting.

After every meeting, I think all of us left mentally healthier.

So, for over an hour she asks each one around the table how they feel. We frequently chatted, on the phone with one another nights.

Never boring each other with our problems, but discussing sports, politics, and so forth.

When we walked out the building, we would walk together out to the parking lot, and there would be friendship there.