Ooh well im looking for someone kind, honest and loyal.Someone respectable, and someone who enjoys being treated like a princess.

dating sites in yorkshire-31

Would be nice to have someone to go to gigs with 😊 To go on adventures together.

Having someone who is loving and kind is important.

I would like to meet someone who is passionate about things. Someone to be themselves around me and like to act like a kid at times..

Likes cuddles and someone who is honest with me, and loyal..

Looking for fun To experience what it feels like to be touch by a woman.

My male partner is supportive in me exploring my female sexuality.Would be nice to share my experience with my male partner been there Looking for someone really attractive.A Girl I I can have fun with and to share life together.Someone who has time for me aswell as doing things on our own.. We put on a plethora of events in Yorkshire and nationwide covering an array of activities and with over 1,000 members in and around Yorkshire you'll meet lots of interesting new people. Spice is the UK’s largest adventure, social and leisure group.